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Print2USB is a hardware interface device that helps you to convert a device’s printer output to PDF, JPEG or DICOM. 

Print2USB is designed as a HP printer BOX that uses a legacy Centronics-interface on the one side, and a USB 2.0 interface on the other helping you to connect a legacy device’s printer output to a computer. The computer will run the EasyCon software to help with converting the device’s printer output to PDF, JPEG or text file formats. EasyCon will help with setting up the path in which the files will be stored.

Print2USB box supports any vendor’s legacy device that has a Centronics interface with HP LaserJet output, including HFA, IOL Master 3.0 and A-Scan devices.

Print2USB box is NOT a universal printer solution. Sometime the user has to change first the printer driver to HP LaserJet at your device before using it with our printer box. Print2USB box is just emulating a HP LaserJet printer.

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