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How to connect a Carl Zeiss Visual Field (HFA)

Step by Step Procedure for HFA to PCL


Application can create a PCL file from HFA Device. The following are the Step by Step Procedure for using HFA Device in the Easycon Application.

How to Use
  • Connect One Print2USB Box in the System.
  • Open “Easycon Application”.
  • Click “Setup” button in the Easycon Application. The following window will display.  

  • Select the HFA Device Option in the Base Setting. The following window will be displayed.

  • User can use the Time to gather Data Transfer feature for Time interval between one file to
  •     another file.
  • After changing a time interval. User can view the Screen.
               Note: Default Time Interval is Manual.

  • Automatically, Application will restart.
  • Again, Open an Easycon Application.

  • Click “Import Open” button.
  • Transfer a file from HFA Device.
  • File will convert after user specified time interval. The following window will display

Modification in Timer Interval for HFA Device:

We add some modification in Time Interval for HFA Device Application .we adds a Manual option in the Timer Interval .So user can convert a file manually.

Manual Option Processing:

Step: 1

User clicks a Setup button on Easycon Application. The following screen will display. We added a New Option in the Timer setting .That is called “Manual” Please look at the window.

Step: 2

  • User selects “Manual” option in the Base setting.
  • Clicks “Ok” button.
  • The Following window will display.

Step: 3
  • Open the Easycon Application.
  • The following screen will display.
  • User can see the Convert button on Top of the Application.
  • It helps to convert a PCL file into Output format.


If PCL folder is empty, the following message will display when user clicks “Convert” button.

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