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Q: Is Print2USB box a universal plug & play printer.
A: No, our box supports only HP PCL printer driver.
Q: I have a Brother Laser printer to my device attached. Will the replacing also work with your Print2USB box?
A: In the most cases yes, but for this you have first to change the Printer driver at the device from Brother into any HP LaserJet.
Q: The Print2USB box comes only with a USB cable. Don`t I need also some special cable to connect to the device?
A: No, our engineers designed the Print2USB port, to look the same as your printer, so you can use also your existing printer cable.
Q: I check my device and I saw a 24 Pin Printer port on the back. What do I then next?
A: Please check with your user manual if you can change the printer in the device software and get a standard centronics printer cable. After that you can order the Print2USB box and connecting it to your device. We will send you the money back, if this will not work for you.
Q: Do I get any support when I try to connect your box to my device?
A: Yes, you can call our support team or check on our updated device HowTo on this web page.
Q: I have a medical therapy device with FDA certification. Do I lose my registration after changing the external Printer to Print2USB?
A: No, you have to see the Print2USB as an external printer like you have it now in your place.
Q: Many vendor charge a maintenance fee after the first year of installation. How does it works with your box?
A: From us you buy only the Print2USB box with one year of warranty. The EasyCon converter software comes with free of charge.
Q: I have already a PCL converter software in use. Can I also use the box with any other software?
A: Yes, Print2USB box creates a PCL file on the hard drive and can be converted with any other software on the marked.
Q: What is the benefit into use your solution?
A: You will save money on paper and toner or printer ink. Also the date will be seamless integrated into your computer system or data base, so you don`t need to scan your document.
Q: I bought your box and saw that my device is not supporting any standard printer comment language. What do I next?
A: We guarantee you 100 % money back, if our box is not compatible to your device. For that you have only to pay the shipment cost.
Q: Can I also connect more than one Print2USB device to one computer system?
A: Yes, with EasyCon ver. 2.0 is it possible to connect more than one box to a single computer system.
Q: Does your box also have network support so the printer data can be sent directly to the network?
A: No, this box revision only supports USB connection.
Q: I have a print out with a lot of data amount. Will this be also supported by your Print2USB box?
A: Yes, but it will take some time for the transfer. We limited the transfer for security reason to 10Mbit per second on the Centronics part.
Q: What operation systems does the EasyCon software support?
A: EasyCon software just support all Windows systems what starts with Windows XP
Q: Can I connect the Print2USB box also on 64 bit operation system?
A: Yes, our drivers are providing 64 bit systems.
I need to extract a text file out of the PCL file, can I do this also with your solution?
A: Yes, we have an option in our FREE EasyCon software, where you can have also a TXT file. But this will not work on all devices. Please send for this a copy to our support team.
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