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New features in EasyCon ver. 2.3



Features of EasyCon Application


Move Application to System Tray

Users can now move the Application to System Tray when minimized by selecting this option in the Base Setting Tab from the Configuration Window.

By which the users can run the Data Conversion task simultaneously at the Background without any User Interaction

Note: Data Conversion happens only when the Print2USB Box is connected to the PC


Application run at Startup

By selecting this option in the Base Setting tab from the configuration Window which enables the Auto Online option. By which the application starts automatically in the system tray when the PC is restarted by the user. Data conversion task also runs in the Background without any user interaction.


Automatic Application Restart

When user makes any changes in the following application settings from the configuration window the application gets restarted automatically.

List of Application Settings:

  • Output Format
  • Text Output
  • IMP Version
  • Move Application to System Tray
  • Open Application at Start Up
  • Security
  • Hardware
  • Auto Online
  • Communication


Administrator Rights and Access

This feature provides Admin access where the administrator has rights to access the configuration window and make any setting changes and password reset.

Note: Incase of forgot Password, admin can use "ens2easycon"


Device Name for Multiple Print2USB

When Multiple Print2USB box is connected, user can assign a Device name for each device in the configuration Window. The file type is assigned automatically.


Delete option for Exported files

Users can now delete the exported files without using the delete option at run time

Additional Features

  • Last saved files can be deleted from Export Directory before exporting
  • Delete Notification window is Enabled(This feature will not work for Multiple Print2USB box)


Store Original PCL File

Users can now save the original PCL files in the specified path.


Connect Multiple Print2USB Box

Interaction of Multiple Print2USB box is added with this new version 2.2

How to configure Multiple Print2USB box?

Open EasyCon Application,

Go To >> Configuration Window>> Disable Hardware Option in the Print2USB Box and Enable Communication Option in Multiple PIC Box.

  • Application will Restart when user Clicks "Ok" button.
  • User can view Multiple Connection status in EasyCon Home Page.

Note: Simultaneous Print feature is not possible when Multiple Print2USB box is connected.


Conversion of PCL Files

User can now convert PCL files from the PC with just one right click without running EasyCon Application.

Note: Supported Files for Conversion:

PDF, PCL, BMP, JPEG, TIF & TEXT (txt, HP Laser Jet Text, Printrex Text)


Export and Delete Multiple Files

Now, multiple files can be deleted and exported using EasyCon Application.


Image Resolution

Now with High Image resolution

EasyCon now supports up to 4000×4000 DPI image resolutions

Note: With High Resolution setting, data conversion process slows down.


PDF Security

Converted PDF file contents cannot be copied or extracted even without password protection


Select "No Content copying or Extracting".


Test Functionality

Test Functionality for Multiple Print2USB box is added within the EasyCon application


View Converted Files

Now user can view all the converted files within the EasyCon application (Except PCL and Text files)


Image Zoom

Adds zoom and rotation functionality for images

Now user can easily zoom in, zoom out, fit image to screen or set custom zoom on individual images. All this can be done by using

  1. Clock Wise: Use Ctrl+K Key.
  2. Anti Clock: Use Ctrl+L Key.
  3. Increase Size of Image: use Drop down box.
  4. Zoom In: use Alt+Up Key.
  5. Zoom Out: Use Alt+Down Key
  6. 1.

Image Rotation will allow you to rotate an image +90,-90,180 degree


Supports High COM Port Number

Now EasyCon Supports High COM Port Number (COM 10 to Com 256)


Device Connectivity

The Device connectivity status can be viewed in the application when it's plugged-in or plugged-out.


Selection of Default Device

When multiple devices are connected, option available to choose or enable any particular device as default device.


Disable Exit Function in Task Bar

Exit option is disabled in task bar during data conversion to avoid any application interruption


Easy Print

Converted files can now be printed in the EasyCon application using the Print Icon


Device Name for Single Print2USB Box

Device Name added with Conversion File when user uses Single Print2USB Box.

Specify Device Name for Single Print USB Box:

Connect Single" Print2USB Box".

Hit "Setup" Button.

Select "Print2USB Box" Tab.

Type your Device name in the Default Device option.


Implement New Driver

Implement New Driver for Print2USB Box from this Version

Limitation of EasyCon Application


Image Resolution

With High Resolution (above 600X600 DPI) setting, data conversion process slows down


Single Print2USB Box

Records of only one patient to be selected at a time.

Multiple Patient selections will not work.


Multiple Print2USB Box

Simultaneous Print feature is not possible when Multiple Print2USB box is connected.

Records of only one patient to be selected at a time.

Multiple Patient selections will not work.

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