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Gantec was established in 1992 at Chicago, Illinois. Our service offerings are designed to help our clients generate revenue, reduce costs and access the information necessary to operate their business on a timely basis. We have a proven track record for providing complete Business Applications solutions to various Fortune 1000 clients and to many small and medium enterprises.

We offer the state-of-art talent, pooled knowledge and rich experience required to provide totally integrated Application Solutions that address the needs and objectives of clients. We deliver on what the businesses require - real business solutions. It can be total software solutions developed in our state of art Global Delivery Center facilities or it can be through providing an individual or a team of consultants at client sites.

We stand totally committed to ensure highest quality standards and understand changing customer needs and strives to redefine the way people use the Internet for access, content and commerce.

We deliver results through our belief in our people, teamwork, cultural diversity, innovation, persistence, adaptability and unwavering commitment to our customers.

Expert Network Solutions is a premier IT products and services provider to the healthcare community comprising of hospitals, OEMs, and EMR and other software vendors. ENS’ products play a key role in inter-networking legacy and modern computerized equipment and integrating critical data with hospital information and EMR systems.

With offices in Germany, India, and the Unites States, ENS is a global corporation that aims to change the way healthcare professionals around the world relate with equipment that enable patient care and service excellence. From product creation to professional services like training and support, ENS brings you the right expertise and knowledge to help you deliver excellent patient care at affordable prices.

ENS’ product suite consisting of EasyCon and BIZCON work together to bring you seamless connectivity between all your equipment through LPT or USB interface, while Triangulum works as a network broker to communicate with modality work list to facilitate data storage in DICOM format in the PACS system. The three products together help you achieve a paperless workflow saving you time, cost and transcription errors

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