About Print2USB box

We had not only developed successfully the Print2USB box, but also the EasyCon- and BIZCON software for converting of you HP laser printer files. You can directly print into any digital standard picture and document format. The printing costs and effects are far more cheaper and efficient than the traditional paper printing! Until now, our product had been exported to more than over 38 countries and areas.

Here are the reasons why you should use our solution:
No need to buy a HP Laser printer
No maintenance cost on Toner and other ink material
No cost on paper and saving of our nature environment
No need to buy an extra scanner to scan the document to a computer
Real secure for medical devices what is not allow to connect to the network
Have your printed report on the computer screen exactly like on paper

Print2USB is an intermediary USB Device to export medical results into an electronic format from diagnostic equipment. This hardware interface helps you to convert PCL files to PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TXT or DICOM.Print2USB will be connected using Centronics-Interface of the medical device on the one side, and a USB 2.0 interface on the other side helps you to connect a computer.

Print2USB supports any vendor's legacy device that has a Centronics Interface, Including HFA, IOL Master 3.0 and original GDx devices.

Print2USB Software Suite(EasyCon or BuCon) will capture the incoming data and will save the PCL Files in a specified location in the computer. The software will help converting the PCL Files to PDF,BMP,JPEG,TIFF,TXT or DICOM file formats.

Print2USB Software suite allows the legacy device to communicate using DICOM Modality Work List or HL7 functionality to retrieve patient and scheduling information. It reads ID, Name, Date of Birth, and Type of Enquiry from the legacy device's PCL output and stores it along with the image in a configured local directory. It can convert PCL3GUI, PCL4, PCL5, and PCL6. The software is also internationalization provisions allowing the user to change the language# of the output and user interface. It also allows for various configuration options making it more readily deployable in a wide variety of hospital environments, without modification of the source code.

#Supporting Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish

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This Print2USB box is NOT a universal printer solution. You have to change first the printer driver to HP LaserJet at your device before using it with our printer box. Print2USB box is just emulating a HP LaserJet printer
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